Hey, New Yorkers: Pay Attention to These 3 Kinds of Insurance

Hey, New Yorkers: Pay Attention to These 3 Kinds of Insurance

There are a lot of aspects of insurance that New Yorkers, and those in the entire Tri-State area, commonly overlook when it comes to protecting their homes and businesses. It’s worth taking a deeper look into your policy to confirm you’re covered for specific risks if you fall into any of these categories:

Which type of insurance agent can you trust more?

When purchasing insurance, or any service for that matter, it’s important to understand who you’re dealing with and where their primary responsibilities reside. The same applies when establishing a (hopefully) long-term relationship with an insurance professional you’re entrusting to help protect you and your family against life’s risks. So, who can you trust?

When Turkeys Collide: Advice from my Own Auto Claim Story

Having an insurance claim is a stressful experience. I can say that firsthand, having just had one this week. I was driving to work on a two-lane highway. It was normal commuter traffic with cars all around me. Up ahead, I spotted a wild turkey watching the cars pass on the side of the road. It was a very big bird. It made a run for it. WHAM! He ran right in front of my car, which was driving at 55mph.

What to Know About Insuring Your Smart Home

Connected devices and the internet of things are giving us access to our homes in many new ways. These new eyes and ears can help us to monitor the risks our homes are exposed to, 24/7. The traditional ways in which we secure and interact with our homes (and the appliances within them) have evolved.