Business Property Insurance

Wesfair works with you to ensure that you have enough coverage for your building, contents, products, and inventory. We can help educate you on how much coverage is "enough", the benefits of replacement cost, and other nuances that are specific to your business.

Business Liability Insurance 

Whether you have an office or a factory, your firm is exposed to risks of loss due to bodily injury, property damage, or libel and defamation. Business liability coverage covers your defense costs and settlements up to a defined limit.

Wesfair can review your coverage limits as well as what is and is not covered by your policy, helping to build you a risk management solution to protect you from liability-related exposure.

Umbrella Coverage

Most commercial packages come with a standard liability coverage limit, but in a catastrophic event those limits can be reached quickly. Umbrella coverage helps to protect your business from these types of losses, typically at a comparatively low rate.