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30 days and counting: The case for flood insurance

30 days and counting: The case for flood insurance

I’m writing this article in response to the terrible damage that Hurricane Florence left behind. It’s hard to have perspective when buying flood insurance because most of the country isn’t located within a flood zone. When a hurricane is bearing down on you, it’s easy to say you want the coverage, but the real time to decide is now. This is why:

Which type of insurance agent can you trust more?

When purchasing insurance, or any service for that matter, it’s important to understand who you’re dealing with and where their primary responsibilities reside. The same applies when establishing a (hopefully) long-term relationship with an insurance professional you’re entrusting to help protect you and your family against life’s risks. So, who can you trust?

What to Know About Insuring Your Smart Home

Connected devices and the internet of things are giving us access to our homes in many new ways. These new eyes and ears can help us to monitor the risks our homes are exposed to, 24/7. The traditional ways in which we secure and interact with our homes (and the appliances within them) have evolved.